The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

Baños Rock Climbing

In Ecuador, Baños is known as the gateway to the Amazon basin. As you make your way through mountains and scenic views, you will descend into a small town surrounded by waterfalls and hot springs.

Otavalo is the city of striking colors, delicate crafts and skilled artisans.

As you make your way through the Plaza de Ponchos you will be surrounded by stands decorated with colorful displays. Vivid hammocks hang from the sides of the stands and hand embroidered center pieces are exhibited in a parade of colors and textures. 

Sig sig’s Women Weavers

From generation to generation, the women weavers of Sigsig have learned the delicate craftsmanship of weaving straw hats- commonly known as “Panama Hats” but originally made in Ecuador. Sigsig is a canton in Azuay Province, west of Cuenca, where the main activities are agriculture and artisanship.

Adventure Travel

The diverse topography of Ecuador within a small territory makes the country an ideal setting for outdoor activities: mountain climbing, trekking, rafting, biking, horseback riding, paragliding, diving – among others.

2 Días en Imbabura

¡Imbabura es una de las provincias más visitadas del Ecuador! Está llena de lagos, artesanías, pintorescos pueblos y montañas. Es difícil decidir qué conocer cuando solamente tienes dos días para recorrerla, es por esto que hemos preparado una pequeña ruta con algunos de los destinos más importantes.

Cuenca, a cultural treasure in the Andes

Ecuadorians consider Cuenca the most charming city, located in a peaceful and relaxing setting. As you enter the city you can enjoy the outstanding skyline marked by shining church domes.

Southern Andes: The land of ancestral trails and unexplored ecological reserves

As you head down the Panamericana road, you will find lower elevations and warmer drier climates. This region has a lonely, faraway feel to it, reinforced by its sparse population, scarcity of large towns and long stretches of wild. 

Central Andes: “Avenue of the Volcanoes”

Wonderful scenery is common-place almost everywhere you travel in the Andes, but the central Andes offer some of the loveliest mountain scenery in the country. In this part of Ecuador, the Andes are at their most volcanic, with over fifty peaks pushing upwards from the colliding tectonic plates below them. 

Museums and Archaeological Sites to visit in Quito

Museums and Archaeological Sites to visit in and around Quito. Don’t miss the chance of placing one foot on the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern hemisphere of our planet in the Middle of the World site.

Great places to visit in northern Quito

Go to the Teleferiqo and watch the whole city from 13,287 ft, visit amazing museums and galleries and take a walk through la mariscal.The following sites are not within walking distance from each other. We recommend you to take a taxi.