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Genovesa Island

Genovesa, or Tower Island, is known for its peculiar locals and its semi circular shape. Its remote location on the northern sector of the archipelago, far away from humans, other

Isla Española

Al sureste de Galápagos, la isla Española es un santuario de pájaros, paraíso para birdwatchers y el único lugar donde el albatros ondulado de Galápagos puede anidar. Deshabitada por humanos,

Galápagos Marine Reserve

The mix of hot and cold water temperatures has invited species from different areas in the Pacific ocean to coexist in this marine sanctuary. The Cromwell submarine current generates plenty

Discover the Ecuadorian Coast: The Spondylus Route

The best way to enjoy the top beaches on the Ecuadorian Coast is the Spondylus Route or Ruta del Sol! This famous route is frequently travelled by locals and internationals who

Isla Genovesa

La isla Genovesa, también conocida como “Tower Island”, tiene una impresionante geografía. Ubicada en el sector norte del archipiélago, lejos de los humanos, animales terrestres y posibles depredadores. La isla

Española Island

At the Southeastern tip of Galápagos, uninhabited by humans, Española is a sanctuary for birds, paradise for birdwatchers and the only breeding spot for the Galápagos waved albatross. The island’s

Machalilla National Park: culture and adventure along the coast

Located in the province of Manabí, its name comes from the Machalilla pre-hispanic culture. Machalilla was declared a National Park in 1979, becoming one of the first protected areas in

Isabela: An Enchanted Island with much to explore

Isabela is the largest of the islands that conform the Galapagos Archipelago and it is the second with the most volcanic activity! This island is inhabited by fishermen and early