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Canoa: A Paragliding Destination

If you want to experience flying for the first time, or even if you’ve done it on quite a few occasions, we’ve got a plan for you! Canoa beach, in the Manabi Coastal region, is one of our favorite paragliding destinations in the country.

Flying at the beach is something we encourage you to cross off your bucket list, 1) because flying above the coast of Ecuador is an unparalleled experience and 2) you’ll see what you were missing out on and will have time to 3) repeat, repeat, repeat.

Why is it cooler at the coast?

The thermal winds of the coast allow you to remain on the air, suspended, for a longer time than the colder Sierra skies. Besides, the landscapes are unbelievable… Just picture beautiful cliffs and ocean views. Below, fishing villages are spread in over 15 km of beaches that stretch from the San Vicente area to Canoa. Flying besides you, birds such as gulls and frigates can be spotted, peacefully drifting through the violet skies.

Paragliding Services

Different hostels and tour operators hire Paragliding services for both Tandem or Solo rides. If you want to stay in Canoa for a few days, we recommend you stay at a hotel that offers this service because of logistics. However, if you’re only a passerby (maybe you decided to try out the Spondylus Route) you can go Paragliding with an independent agency.

Paragliding for every level

For beginners: what you need to know is that the guides are prepared, the equipment they’re using is in good conditions and the whole Tandem experience is secure. And that’s it… once you know what you have to do and you’re standing on the edge of the cliff, just let go and enjoy the ride. You’ll be amazed by the feeling of flying above such a peaceful and romantic setting, just above the Pacific Ocean.

If you are at a higher level and are already performing solo flights, then you’re in for a treat! Besides having a great flight, some operators even organize Paragliding Competitions throughout the year.  And want to know the best part? Flying season has just began- and it lasts for the rest of the year (until December).

Cost: $35,00 approx.

How to get there: if you hire a private car, then the trip from Quito to Canoa is approximately 6 hrs long. You have to take route Spondylus/Troncal del Pacifico/ E15.

You can also take a bus at Quitumbe Terminal in southern Quito towards Bahia or San Vicente, stop in Jama and then take another bus to Canoa (there’s a bus every 30 min). The bus ride takes 9 hrs approx, with an estimated fee of $9.00 for the ticket.

 If you have a few days then we recommend you spend the night at another beach closer to the city and then make your way to Canoa the next day.

To everyone who enjoys adventure and adrenaline with a mix of beautiful landscapes and serene surroundings: when visiting Canoa, try paragliding.  A 20 minute experience full of sailing through the air? At the beach? Don’t miss out on the opportunity!


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