The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

About Ecuador

A brief explanation of Ecuadorian History

Pre Inca Period  The first inhabitants in Ecuador lived off the land; hunting, fishing and gathering fruits. Agriculture became stronger during the mid formative period, and by the end of

General Suggestions for a pleasant stay in Ecuador

While locals and authorities are clearly making significant efforts, and the tourist experience is significantly evolving, it’s necessary to take some precautions when you visit Ecuador. We suggest the following:

Learn some basic Spanish for your trip!

Below we have listed some words and phrases in Spanish that will help you communicate during your stay:

Wondering what to pack? This is what we recommend!

Find out what to pack for your Ecuador experience. Ecuador is a country of very unique regions, each with its own environment and climate. Below we have 4 different lists, a guide for every region.

Ecuador y sus 4 regiones: Descubre su geografía

Ecuador está ubicado en la zona noreste de América del Sur. El nombre de Ecuador sale de la línea ecuatorial, la cuál divide la superficie del planeta en dos partes,