The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador


10 rutas en bicicleta por Ecuador que no te puedes

¿Te gusta el ciclismo o te gustaría empezar a practicarlo? Este artículo es para tí. Hemos elegido 10 rutas alrededor del Ecuador, ideales para conocer nuestro país de una forma

Top 10 Adventures along the Ecuadorian Coast

From scuba diving to camping in a uninhabited island the Ecuadorian coast has everything to offer! We have created this route especially for you, the adventurers! Below is a guide to the top adventures you’ll find when you make your way across the Ecuadorian Coast.

Did you know: You can dive with Giant Manta Rays in Isla de la Plata!

Giant mantas are fabulous creatures… and from july to early october, these migrating species make their journey to Ecuadorian waters. Giant manta rays visit the Ecuadorian coastline to feed on plankton that accumulates near the shores during this time, after  being dragged by the Humboldt current and deposited in the north of Peru and the south of Ecuador.