The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

Did you know?

Bird Suicidal Ritual in Ozogoche

The “cuvivíes”, rain or floating birds (Bartrania Longicauda), migrate from the US to Ecuador during the months of August to October to offer an amazing bird-watching experience known as “sacred tribute”.

Discover the ecuadorian “superleaf”

There is a “superleaf” in Ecuador that has a great variety of health benefits. Its name is Guayusa and it could replace your daily Coffee.

Ecuador’s Cacao among the world’s greatest

Fine aroma cacao has been tied to Ecuadorian history for millenniums. Recent scientific studies show evidence not only of its early presence, but of its cultivation and consumption by the inhabitants of the South East of what is now Ecuador over 5.000 years ago.

In Ecuador you can find the highest active volcano in the WORLD

On a clear day, from Quito you can see the perfectly symmetrical cone shaped Cotopaxi (19,347 ft), the highest active volcano in the world. This snow-capped volcano and its surroundings make up the Cotopaxi National Park. This park offers numerous activities for adventurers and nature lovers, all immersed in an imposing geological landscape.