The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

National Parks

Llega la termporada de las ballenas jorobadas

¡La temporada del avistamiento de ballenas jorobadas ha iniciado! Cada año entre los meses de junio y octubre cientos de ballenas jorobadas viajan desde la Antártida hacia las aguas cálidas

Best Spots at the Ecuadorian Amazon

If you want to explore the Ecuadorian Amazon, here’s a list of our top 10 destinations! In our newest top 10 we will reveal the best places to enjoy the

Isabela: An Enchanted Island with much to explore

Isabela is the largest of the islands that conform the Galapagos Archipelago and it is the second with the most volcanic activity! This island is inhabited by fishermen and early colonists that arrived from the continent, attracted by the wonders not yet visited by tourists, as the regular cruise ships do not cover southern Isabela.