The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador


An intro to the Cañaris

Pre Inca cultures such as the Cañaris had interesting worldviews that attributed aspects of their race and culture to nature and mysticism.  Fantastic events were attributed to tell the story

La Fanesca, una explosión de sabor durante Semana Santa

La fanesca es un plato tradicional ecuatoriano que se prepara una vez al año durante Semana Santa, especialmente el viernes santo cuando no se puede comer carne. Según algunos historiadores,

Sig sig’s Women Weavers

Sig sig is a canton in Azuay, west of Cuenca, where the main activities are agriculture and artisanship. From generation to generation, the women weavers of Sigsig have learned the delicate craftsmanship of weaving straw hats. They are commonly known as “Panama Hats” but they are originally made in Ecuador.