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Caminante de Montes: Todos somos hijos de las montañas

En esta exclusiva Adrián Soria, fotógrafo de paisajes y biólogo ambateño, nos cuenta cuales son los mejores lugares para tomar fotos en el Ecuador. ¡Anímate a salir de tu zona

Caminante de Montes: We are all sons of the mountain

In this exclusive interview Adrián Soria, landscape photographer and biologist, he tells us which are the best places to take photos in Ecuador. Dare to leave your comfort zone, take

Mama Negra festivity in Latacunga: Come live the celebrations!

Latacunga is a beautiful city located in the heart of Ecuador, at the foot of the Cotopaxi Volcano. This warm and welcoming city is home to one of the most important popular manifestations: the “Mama Negra” (Black Mama).