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Parque Condor: An encounter with Owls, Eagles and Condors

Just 3 miles away from Otavalo, this thirty-acre park is managed by a foundation dedicated to the care and rescue of predatory birds such as hawks and eagles, vultures and owls.

Parque Condor is unique in many ways.  It is located on a hill known to the locals as “Pukará Alto”, an energetic center since pre-Columbian times where ruins of a religious pre-Inca temple remain. Besides, the sights are amazing!  Enjoy 360 degree landscapes made up of mountains, valleys, towns and lakes. 

Dedicated to care for vulnerable species

Parque Condor does not remove any birds from their natural habitat, they are not captured. The birds inside the park were previously in captivity and have been collected to be healed and to be taken proper care of.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to the rescue, protection, rehabilitation and reintroduction of birds to their natural environment. Their mission is to raise awareness about the existing environmental problems in relation to society. Along with educational activities they aim at establishing a connection between the birds that they cherish and the people who must learn respect them. 

The Park’s Director, Mr. Joep Hendriks, explains that this project was made possible with the sponsorship of the Dutch Embassy, a German Center for Predatory Birds, and Ecuadorian corporations.

The Park

Large cages are distributed along a cobblestone path that extends throughout the park.  Here you can admire a variety of birds such as the Barred Hawk, the King Vulture, the Greater Red – Headed Vulture, the Spectacled Owl, the Pygmy Owl, the Burrowing Owl, among others!  Finally, you will run into the large cage of the impressive Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus).

The Andean Condor

This imposing and endangered species can now be easily bred in captivity. The problem is that the condor population drastically decreased due to alleged attacks on livestock. Farmers in agriculture believed that these giants were feeding on their animals and began taking them down, one by one (mostly by poisoning them).  This  significantly affected their population because Andean Condors have a very low reproduction rate: from every reproductive couple, one chick is born every two years!

Luckily, Ecuador and other South American countries have been working on the preservation of condor populations. These programs work to elevate their numbers and reintroduce them in habitats where they have become rare.

Visit Parque Condor, a project sustained by a team that is actively working to rescue vulnerable bird species. During your visit, enjoy spectacular vistas and daily flight exhibitions with hawks and falcons!

Visiting Hours:

Wednesday thru Sunday: 9h30-17h00.

Flight exhibitions: 11h30 and 15h30 (subject to change according to weather conditions)

How to get there:

Take Panamericana Sur to Otavalo. Close to the gas station near the entrance to Otavalo, take Piedrahita street. A well signaled 5km path will lead you to the park’s entrance.

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