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Cristo Pescador: Maritime procession

Santa Rosa de Salinas, located in the province of Santa Elena, celebrates a procession known as “Cristo Pescador” which translates to Christ the Fisherman. This religious tradition has been practiced for decades. Fisherman gathers to thank God for their work, health and ask him to guard fellow fisherman and protect them from the often ruthless high tides.

Fotografía: Freddy Macas

During this ritual, held on the last days of July, fishermen decorate their boats with colorful balloons and place an image of Christ in the front of their vessels. Then, fishermen, their families, and tourists sail along the coast for approximately two hours, during which they pray for those who fish daily so that they can return home without complications. These petitions are done in high seas, as a demonstration of their devolution and their gratefulness for those who bring food to their table.

Approximately 500 fishing vessels adorned with flags and the image of Christ make their way along the Santa Rosa – Salinas route to finish at the same point of departure. The fishing community of Santa Elena organizes this popular celebration, which is accompanied by traditional dancers, recreational games and a mass that come afterward, bringing together thousands of devouts from the entire province.

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