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This November Cyrano offers special anniversary Guaguas de Pan

This year, Cyrano celebrates 60 years and Corfu celebrates 30. Both Cyrano and Corfu are a traditional landmark of the city when it comes to baked goods, delicious cakes and freshly made ice-cream.  

An article by Cyrano. 

The Day of the Dead

Just like Mexico, Ecuador celebrates the day of the dead which can be traced back to pre-Hispanic tribes that resided in the Andean Region. When the Spaniards arrived and colonized these lands, they brought with them their own traditions. This is the case of All Saints Day which is celebrated on November 1st and the indigenous people embraced as their own. However, the traditional day of the dead is celebrated on November 2nd. The most important part of this national holiday is the culinary tradition of guaguas de pan and colada morada. Colada Morada is a thick drink made with corn and fresh fruits of the Andes. This drink is accompanied by guaguas de pan which is a type of bread that is shaped like a baby. Both items are traditionally brought to the graves of people’s ancestors and death relatives.

An Anniversary Special

For this special anniversary year, Cyrano has launched a special edition of the traditional Ecuadorian “guagua de pan”. This limited edition guagua is covered in chocolate and filled with passion fruit cream. You cannot miss it.

Cyrano’s guaguas de pan are handmade, created and decorated by hand, one by one. In addition, the glaze of colors is Cyrano’s French signature creation. Before Cyrano opened in 1958, guaguas were only decorated with dough from the bread. However, Cyrano’s founder wanted to decorate the guaguas with more color and used glaze. Today, guaguas across the city are decorated with glaze.


Cyrano’s Emblematic Guaguas

Currently, Cyrano offers three new varieties of guaguas: the guagua morena, the baltazara and the cornbread guagua. The first one is filled with passion fruit cream and covered with chocolate and delicate decorative details. The baltazara, is a cake in form of guagua that reflects the girl that the Mama Negra (another Ecuadorian tradition) carries. Finally, the cornbread guagua (a salty option) is stuffed with cream cheese.

Meanwhile, Corfu continues to innovate and this time it offers the traditional colada morada, made from a family recipe with fresh fruits and traditional herbs and offers a sugar-free option which is ideal for diabetics and for those who seek healthier options.

Behind Cyrano there are three centuries of baking tradition inherited generation after generation, from France to Ecuador, through the Elie family. Today it is a family business that has undoubtedly become an emblematic place in Quito!

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