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Discover the Ecuadorian Coast: The Spondylus Route

Santa Elena Province


Montañita is surfers’ paradise! This small beach is a world renowned destination because of everything it has to offer. From surfing to handicrafts, hostels and a vibrant nightlife, it offers an experience you can’t miss!

Nightlife in Montañita is all about bars and fruity drinks, but that’s not the reason why thousands of internationals come here time and again. They come for Lost Beach Club. This club is where you dance under the stars in the beachfront. If you like electronic music and house, you should probably check out their parties, with three different dance floors and the incredible Funktion-One Sound System!

If you’re looking for something a little bit more relaxed, you can enjoy the great ambiance of the smaller bars and their friendly people.

By day, you can go surfing, meet new people or try the delicious restaurants, most with beautiful spaces in front of the beach.

32 minutes following the Spondylus Route is Ayangue.


Ayangue is known for its calm waters and the scuba diving experience in El Pelado islet. While you can dive and watch whales during mating season, the main reason why tourists visit this beach is its peaceful environment. Ayangue is a great place to visit with families and small children because the waves are small and the ocean is serene.

Most families come to Ayangue to rest but its location allows for day trips to the buzzing beaches nearby (Montañita, Salinas).

Relax by the beach,  dive by the reef or explore the area!

1h 8 min away, Salinas awaits!


The Malecon at the seafront is a great setting for a walk. You can enjoy the morning at the beach (San Lorenzo and Chipipe beaches are 5 min away)  and then walk through the Malecon until the western end where you will find a handicrafts market.

You can also visit Salinas Siglo XXI Museum where there is an overview of pre-columbian cultures on the peninsula, including Guayala and Manteno-Huancavilca ceramics, and a section on nautical history.

One of the most famous attractions near Salinas is La Chocolatera, a rocky beach with powerful waves. Another of our favorites is Mar Bravo, a beach where there is no bathing- but you can admire the most beautiful sunsets!

Concerning food, Salinas has everything from cheap cevicherias to fast food outlets.

From Salinas, make your way to the final destination: Guayaquil (2h away).

Guayas Province


Guayaquil, capital of the Guayas province, is the largest and most populated city in Ecuador. Located on the Pacific coast, it has a tropical climate, and is known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”.

Guayaquil is the main port of Ecuador, thus, it is of great economic importance to the country. The city is very active and you’ll find plenty of things to do! We recommend you visit the Malecon where there are hundreds of plazas, activities, restaurants (with a great view!) and if you want a break, watch a movie at the IMax theater.

From Guayaquil you can take local or international flights to continue your voyage!

We hope you like our Spondylus Route and get the chance explore the coastal region’s diversity!

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