The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

Fishing in Ecuador

Fishing in Ecuador is an experience different than others because it offers a wide range of fishing sites, in various environments and fabulous settings.

Enchanted Islands: Puerto Ayora – Galápagos

Many people wonder if the Galapagos Islands allow fishing and the answer is yes. Of course, it’s a very regulated fishing site due to the Galapagos Marine Reserve. To go fishing in Galapagos,  you must make sure that the vessel has been approved by the park officials, otherwise fishing activities onboard are illegal. On your trip you will explore crystal clear waters, and admire turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas and more! Make sure that your operator knows the limits and regulations of the park- because you wouldn’t want to harm these fantastic species! Some of the most popular species for fishing include striped and blue marlins..

The Andean Paramo: La Mica Lagoon

Laguna La Mica is a great spot for fishing, in a whole different setting. Picture yourself surrounded by mountains and paramos,  standing on the shore of a wide lagoon. Some say the best part of the experience here is the silence. Some say you can actually hear the fish move and jump at night,  when the only other sound you can hear is the wind blowing,  softly the tall plants that swiftly move along.

Fishing and Local Gastronomy: Amaguaña and Papallacta

If you’re up for artisanal fishing combined with a local gastronomic experience, then you can visit Amaguaña or Papallacta where several fishing parks have been established. You rent your cane and then proceed to fish out your lunch (normally trout) from a small lake where fish are fed solely for this activity. Whatever you fish will then be served to you in the restaurant… and it doesn’t get fresher than this!

Did someone say Pirahnas?

And finally… if you’re looking for something thrilling… there are some operators that will take you piranha fishing in the Amazon! Look into tours in Yasuni and you’ll find the option of fishing with traditional bamboo canes, and a certified guide will teach you how to fish with a single cane, all taught from experience and the ancestral knowledge that has been passed down to generations. Now talk about exciting. 

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