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Guayacan´s Blossom Season

Ecuador´s yellow Guayacan trees are a breathtaking sight that can only be appreciated once a year. Although there is no exact date for their blossom, residents of the Providence of Loja say it can happen from January 19 until to January 25, making it a unique natural transformation. Guayacans´blossom is a natural phenomenon that only a few lucky ones are able to enjoy at the municipality of Mangahurco in Zapotillo country.

Forty thousand hectares of the Southern Andean region are covered in a layer of yellow flowers to announce the arrival of winter and the beggining of the sowing season in Mangahurco.

The area is surrounded by a vast forest of Guayacans generating a colorful landscape as the flowers begin to fall to the ground on the fifth day of flowering. Tourists are able to appreciate the country´s largest Guayacan forest, while experiencing the beauty of the trees and the characteristic aroma of the Guayacan flowers. 

The Guayacan trees are yellow during their blossom, dark brown during the defoliation season, and green when foliage is at its maximum capacity. They grow at 0.6 meters above sea level and can take up to 200 years to reach 30 meters in height and two meters in diameter.

The most suitable ecological needs for a Guayacan tree to grow are: altitude up to 1,500 meters above sea level, average annual temperatures between 22º and 26º degrees Celcius, precipitation higher that 2,000 milimeters, and fertile and well-drained soil. 

In January 2015, considering timber is an endangered species, UNESCO designated 500,000 hectares of the Ecuadorian Guayacan forest as a biosphere reserve. 

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