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Live Riobamba Summer Time 2019!

We invite you to enjoy an incredible experience in the city.  Program your holidays and book your package with tour operators!

The Sultan of the Andes, Cradle of Nationality and the closest point to the Sun, invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience this season. During Riobamba Summer time seize your vacations and travel along the trails of the highest snowy peak in the world. Discover community based tourism and fall in love with the museums, churches, and heritage buildings.

The summer is one of the warmest seasons of the year, and for this reason thousands of international tourists seek to move around. However, at a national level, as vacations approach the Andean region becomes the destination for families looking for relaxing getaways.

The tourism sector knows how to mobilize visitors and direct them when they visit Riobamba. Last year, the city received 30,375 national tourists and 6,911 international visitors during the summer months (June, July and August). These numbers represent 22% of the tourists during the whole year of 2018.

Within this context, the Tourism Management Office of the Municipality has programed the Riobamba Summer Time 2019 campaign (Riobamba tiempo de verano 2019) with the purpose of positioning the offer, increasing the number of visitors, extending their stay in the city, and dynamiting the economy of the hosts. The tourism sector has been permanently benefiting from the training processes in the service and operation areas- and this has caused a positive impression in the tourists. 80% of tourists have expressed their gratefulness for Riobamba’s hospitality and 97% recommend coming back to the city.

Riobamba Summer time 2019 is a campaign that integrates the tourism packages offered by operators, the gastronomy of local chefs, the skilled work of artisans, the preserved routes of the area, community life and heritage sites; and for this reason the municipality will use different channels to have a higher exposure and reception.


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