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Local dishes from Latacunga: Allullas, champus and more

If you’ve decided to visit Latacunga, be prepared to live 5 unforgettable experiences. Nothing you’ve been told before makes justice to the surprises that await in this most welcoming city. The activities that your friends enjoyed, the stories they told, the pictures they showed you, the memories they took with them and shared with you… they will all fall short to the experience. Because Latacunga’s natural and cultural diversity is indescribable and can only remain intact in the memory of the visitor.

During your visit you can try typical local dishes: Chugchucaras, Allullas, queso de hoja, corn tortillas, Champus, Chaguarmishqui, Togro and other gastronomical offerings that are a delight for the palate. If you visit Latacunga you will fall In Love with Our Flavors.


A traditional dish that fuses foods that were introduced by the Spaniards, with local flavors, and a Quichua name. “Chugchu” means trembling and “Cara” means skin- translating to Trembling Skin. This delightful dish is served with pork meat, sweet empanadas, potatoes, ripe plantain, and corn in three different presentations: mote, popcorn, and tostado (toasted corn).

Allullas and Queso de Hoja

Allullas, made from wheat flour and lard, perfectly baked, are accompanied by a fresh cheese kneaded in thin sheets and wrapped in leaves of atzera- this dish may as wll be a letter of presentation for Latacunga.  

Corn Tortillas

Made with corn flour, these tortillas present an exquisite combination of fresh cheese, onion and spices in the center and fried lard (cooked on a slow fire)- try this delicious snack!


Ancestral and ceremonial preparation, source of energy and an explosion of taste, elaborated with corn flour, orange leaves, mote, and cinnamon. One of the iconic components of the Mama Negra festivity.


An ancestral drink (typical of the region), made with barley and sweet cabuya (blue agave), -a delicious brew rich in vitamins and source of natural energy to reinvigorate the body.


A gelatinous, exotic and salty delicacy elaborated with pork skin and cartilages- a flavor you must try..


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