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Magnificent spots in Riobamba

Text: The Municipal GAD of Riobamba.

In this article, we will show you magnificent places in the city, which constitute a local and national potential.

Riobamba, Sultan of the Andes and Cradle of Nationality; otherwise known as the Heart of the Country because of its privileged location, awaits only 3 hours away from the capital and 3:30 from the coast. Yes, natural benefits greatly contribute to what Riobamba is, but aside from territory, the city’s historical deeds have marked the history of a whole country. 


This snow-capped giant has been the inspiration of many adventurers and explorers. Simon Bolivar dedicated a poem in its honor “My delirium on the Chimborazo”  and Alexander Von Humboldt named it “the masterpiece of nature”, comparing Chimborazo to the Basilica of San Pedro by Michelangelo.

In February 2016, the scientific expedition that was part of the third Geodesic French Mission determined that Chimborazo was the tallest mountain in the world and the closest point to the sun when measured from the center of the Earth.

In the Chimborazo area, you can engage in activities such as trekking, mountain cycling, hiking, and climbing.

The Historic Center of Riobamba

With more than 300 inventoried real estate, the city offers an Urban Heritage Tourism Route. Starting from La Loma a Quito, an ideal space to admire the majestic and imposing snow-capped mountains around; the route combines murals, busts, and monuments of the city’s history with the faith and tradition exposed in temples with architecture from the XIX century, and commemorative parks paired with gastronomic offerings.

Community Living

Riobamba has 11 culturally diverse rural parishes. Every parish not only celebrates their unique festivities but also promotes the natural attractions of the area, offering alternative tourism. Their offer is diverse: they have interpretative trails, gastronomic offerings, artisanal products (made from alpaca and llama fibers) elaborated by women of the community, interactive museums and lodging which is an important component of the community experience.

This socioeconomic proposal boosts the development of the rural sector where there are areas of interest for the tourist that are present in the daily work of harvesters, animal caretakers, cooks, etc. This sharing of customs and traditions are essential elements of community-based tourism. 

El Altar

If you are an adventurer and would like to wander in mythical landscapes surrounded by endemic biodiversity, El Altar is a must! This site is found within the Sangay National Park, declared by the UNESCO as a Natural Heritage Site due to its biologic, ecological and cultural importance.


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