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Our favorite sweets from Corpus Christi

Regardless of their similar basic ingredients, every sweet has a different taste and feel.   

Here are some of our faves:

Pucañahui Arepa:

A corn tortilla with a sort of pink tone. Its elaborated with corn flour, eggs, butter and puntas. The ingredients are mixed into a dough that later goes into the oven.

Fotografía: El Comercio


Made with egg whites, lemon, sugar and a pinch of salt. Preheat the oven, stir the egg whites until they are fluffy, then add the sugar little by little. Then add the lemon zest and keep stirring. Use a sleeve to pour the mix into the tray and get it into the oven.

Fotografía: El Comercio


Made with coconut and condensed milk. After peeling the coconut and grating it, you have to pour one or two cans of condensed milk. This is later cooked in a thick pot, where it is stirred so that it doesn’t get burnt. Once cooked, when it’s warm but not too hot, you can mold it into the shape you like.


Delicious treats! Roscas are made with eggs, butter,  wheat flour, and sugar. You can try to bake them yourself! First, you will have to heat a pot with water and butter. Once it boils you have to put in the flour and cook it for 5 more minutes. Remove from the fire, place it on a recipient and let it cool. Add 12 eggs, one by one,  mixing until a soft dough is created. This dough has to go on a pastry sleeve. Pour it into its characteristic circular shape and place the tray into the oven until golden. Once out of the oven they are left to cool and are later topped with sugar and water. They are often decorated with colors!

This june, try them all and tell us which is YOUR favorite!


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