The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

Wondering what to pack? This is what we recommend!

Find out what to pack for your Ecuador experience. Ecuador is a country of very unique regions, each with its own environment and climate. Below we have 4 different lists, a guide for every region.

If you’re visiting Galápagos

Although there is a warmer season (Dec-May) the climate in Galápagos is great all year round, with temperatures ranging from 18º – 27º C (68º – 86º F)!

Don’t forget to bring:

  • T-shirts: since you’ll be walking a lot in this warm weather, make sure you bring along t-shirts. You should also bring a nice shirt if you are dining at a cruise or a nice restaurant in town.
  • Long-sleeve shirt: if you want to wear something dressy for a night on the cruise or a restaurant we recommend you use a light long-sleeve shirt.
  • Bathing suits: an essential! The enchanted islands are surrounded by turquoise waters where you can snorkel, dive, or just swim around with sea lions and colorful fish.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: you will explore several islands by foot! Walking trails have been carefully created to respect the environment. Visitors also choose to wear walking sandals (like Tevas), which allow you to stay cool under the heat, dry up faster, and give you the freedom not to wear socks.
  • Shorts: the temperature is warm, bring along shorts and make sure they are comfortable for walking. You can also bring some khaki shorts if you want to dine at a nice restaurant or cruise.
  • Light jacket: it can get cloudy and cool at night, especially during the months of  June to November.
  • Water bottle: while there are some cruises and hotels that give you a water bottle as a gift, we recommend you bring your own. It is very important to stay hydrated under the bright sun during your Galápagos adventures.
  • Sunblock: the sun in Ecuador is very strong, remember to put on sunblock every morning before your excursions.
  • Sun glasses: When exploring the islands you will be spending long days under the sun, don’t forget to protect your eyes!
  • Camera: Galápagos is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Make sure you bring a camera to capture unforgettable moments, animals, and views.
  • Waterproof Camera: take pictures while diving/snorkeling and capture impressive flora and fauna!
  • Small backpack: we recommend you bring a small backpack so you can take it on your excursions.

 *Most likely your trip will start from Quito, to be prepared for your arrival in the highlands read for details below.


If you’re visiting the Amazon

Be prepared for rain! The weather in the rainforest is warm and humid and you can expect to experience rainfall. Temperatures range from 23º – 26º C (72º – 80º F).

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Light pants: the climate is very humid! We recommend pants instead of shorts because of the abundant insects and exuberant vegetation. (Preferably made out of fast-drying material)
  • Long-sleeve shirts: wear light shirts with long sleeves- for the reasons we just mentioned above! (Preferably made out of fast-drying material)
  • Walking shoes: Most hotels will lend you rain boots for the jungle excursions but don’t forget a comfortable pair of shoes to wear during the trip and in the hotel.
  • Several pairs of socks: you are most likely going to get your socks wet! Bring along several pairs just in case. You should also bring along high socks for the boots!
  • Rain jacket: a rain jacket is essential during your adventures, don’t let a little rain stop you from exploring the Amazon! Even when it rains it is very humid so make sure your jacket is light.
  • Bathing suit: there are areas where you can go rafting, kayaking, or swimming in the river.
  • Water bottle: you will be walking a lot, so it is better if you have your own water bottle to stay hydrated in the heat.
  • Insect repellent: there are A LOT of insects in the rainforest! It’s a good idea to carry an insect repellent with you.
  • Camera: capture the exotic wildlife! It’s is better if you bring a waterproof case for your camera.
  • Flashlight: while some lodges will lend you a flashlight for night excursions, we recommend you bring a flashlight of your own!
  • Small backpack: we recommend you bring a small backpack so you can take it on your excursions.


If you’re visiting Quito or the Highlands

 We have a common saying that you can live the four seasons in one day: from intense sun to hail! From June to August the weather is sunny and windy, during the rest of the year it gets cooler. Temperatures range from 7º – 26º C (44º – 78º F).


 Don’t forget to bring:

  • Hoodies or sweaters: the highlands are generally cold and Quito also gets crisp at night.
  • Jacket: A light jacket is always good to have, especially during the summer months, because even if there is intense sun by day once it sets it can get pretty chilly
  • Rain jacket: an essential! Quito is very unpredictable, you never know when it’s going to rain (it can be sunny all day and rain all afternoon)!         
  • High socks: on top of your regular socks, we suggest you bring high socks for the cold!
  • Jeans or long sleeve pants: Even though sunny days are warm, it can get very chilly at night. We recommend jeans for Quito and comfortable long pants for the highlands (there’s a chance you will go hiking/trekking).
  • T-shirts: during the day you’ll be fine wearing t-shirts!
  • Long-sleeve shirts: bring dressy long sleeve shirts for your night out (if you want to go to fancy restaurant, for example) and bring light long sleeve shirts for the highlands where the sun is intense and you need to be comfortable.
  • Shorts: if it is sunny, and especially during the summer, days in Quito can get pretty hot!
  • Walking shoes: don’t forget your walking shoes! As mentioned above, the Ecuadorian Sierra offers hundreds of trekking/hiking opportunities in its breathtaking mountains and volcanoes.
  • Sunblock: here in the Equator, the sun is very intense!
  • Bathing suit: whether its hot springs, lakes, or the hotel pool, you’re going to need a swimsuit! We recommend you bring more than one.
  • Sunglasses: protect your eyes from the equatorial sun!
  • Small backpack: it’s always good to have a small backpack for walking tours, hikes, etc.

 *Think about fall clothing


If you’re visiting the Coast

Guayaquil and the rest of coastal cities are warm all year round, with temperatures ranging from 24º – 32º C (80º – 96º F).  

Don’t forget to bring:

  • T-shirts: we recommend you use t-shirts and short sleeves in this heat!
  • Sandals: who wants to wear shoes at the beach? Bring along flip-flops or sandals to walk around the coastal cities.
  • Shorts: instead of pants it would be best if you used shorts.
  • Pants: you can still bring pants for night-time but make sure they are light (it’s still warm at night)
  • Long-sleeved shirt: in case you want to wear a long-sleeved shirt on a cool night. We recommend it’s light.
  • Bathing suits: be prepared to dive intooceans, rivers, estuaries, freshwater canals, pools…
  • Sunglasses: protect your eyes from the sun while you enjoy the beach.
  • Sunblock: don’t forget to cover yourself with sunblock before heading out!
  • Small bag: bring along a small bag where you can put your beach essentials, like sunglasses, sunblock and whatever you like to take down to the beach.

 *Essentially you should wear summer clothing

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