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Holy Week in Quito

Holy Week in Quito is unique. Its Historic Downtown has an atmosphere of celebration, of mourning, of devotion, of faith and commemoration of Jesus. Rituals, prosessions and traditions take the

Walking tour through Downtown Quito: First World Heritage Site

Visit Quito, the second highest capital in the world! UNESCO recognizes Quito as the city with “the best-preserved,  historic center in Latin America.”

Quito in the summer: Hop on the TeleferiQo and touch the sky!

Quito’s weather is very unpredictable, but in summer, especially during July, you can enjoy spectacular days and clear blue skies. Admire the city and its surrounding volcanoes! It is the

Museums and Archaeological Sites to visit in Quito

Museums and Archaeological Sites to visit in and around Quito. Don’t miss the chance of placing one foot on the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern hemisphere of

Great places to visit in northern Quito

Go to the Teleferiqo and watch Quito City from 13,287 ft, visit amazing museums and galleries and take a walk through la mariscal.The following sites are not within walking distance

Events for Fiestas de Quito 2018

Celebrate Fiestas de Quito the right way! Here are the events you can’t miss this week: 

Casa Gangotena: Experience a sunrise in downtown Quito

Iván Ulchur tells us about his morning in Casa Gangotena. Experience as the city of Quito comes to life with the beginning of a new day. 

10 iniciativas que puedes apoyar durante la cuarentena.

Durante la emergencia sanitaria que estamos viviendo, algunas organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro, colectivos e iniciativas del sector público y privado, están activas para brindar comida, recoger fondos, ofrecer servicio

De amor y amoríos: La historia del Chimborazo, el Altar y la mama Tungurahua

Una batalla por la dama más bella de los Andes Dice la leyenda que hace muchos años el Chimborazo y el Cotopaxi se enfrentaron en una ardua batalla por una