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Riobamba Quality Tourism

Text: The Municipal GAD of Riobamba

Riobamba has positioned itself as the canton with the highest number of tourist facilities in the province of Chimborazo, offering lodging, food & beverage, intermediation, entertainment, and tourist transport services. In order to strengthen the quality of their provision, the Municipal GAD of  Riobamba seeks to boost the productivity of the private sector and promote actions that contribute to social, economic and environmental development, as means to increase the level of satisfaction of tourists and the benefits in the host population.

For this reason, since 2005, a Tourism Standard called Distintivo Q has been implemented. It is based on implementing operational quality and management systems in the provision of accommodation and food and beverage. Distintivo Q is also aimed at promoting sustainable development and the rational use of natural resources in a competitive private sector at a global scale.

The establishments that meet Distintivo Q standards are the following: Rincon Aleman, Marquez de Rio, Casa Real Spa, Zeus, Bella Casona, House 1881, Chimborazo Lodge, Abraspungo, Santa Isabella Mansion, El Molino, Quindeloma (accommodations) and El Rey del Burrito, Bonny 1, Bonny 2, Monaco Carnes and Pizzeria, La Rayuela Restobar, L’incontro and The Gourmet Pizzeria (restaurants).

Since 2017 a project was carried out in order to standardize the provision of tourism services in the canton, and after a participative and investigative process, the result was a Sustainable Tourism Good Practices Standards. The guide contains basic indicators and criteria for implementation (short-term) in environmental, sociocultural, economic and touristic projects- promoting every sector to become involved voluntarily.

During the first implementation stage, the establishments that met these standards where: Baltimore Bar Cafeteria, Interangeles Tours, PuruwaRazurku Tourism Agency, Nativa comida ecuatoriana Restaurant, Delicias del mar Restaurant, Pynns Cafeteria,  Mar y sierra Restaurant, Lina sabe a México Restaurant, El Chacarero Pizzeria, El Altar Hotel and Lentejitas Restaurant, which will all receive their well- deserved recognition.

Complimentary to improving the quality of tourism services, there has been much work done to strengthen the local human talent capacities within the establishments.  Training and technical counseling have been given to the following occupations: waiters, cooks, receptionist, customer service, digital marketing teams and operations team. Part of this training incorporates guidelines for accessible tourism for people with disabilities and the application of sustainable behaviors in tourism practices. Nowadays, 400 collaborators are trained in the Riobamba canton.

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