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San Agustín de Callo: A traditional Hacienda with Inca stone walls!

Only an hour and a half away from Quito, San Agustín de Callo is a colonial Hacienda built on the site of an Inca Palace. Its stone walls take us on a path that helps us reconnect with the past and the rich history of the hacienda.  

A Historical Site

San Agustín de Callo has served as an Inca palace, an Augustinian monastery, and headquarters for the French Geodesic Mission! Since the 15th century this place guards stories and secrets of the past. General Leonidas Plaza, former president of Ecuador (1901 and again in 1912), purchased the hacienda in 1921.  (His son Galo Plaza Lasso would later become president in 1948!) Since then, San Agustín de Callo has remained in the family till the present day. Mignon Plaza, Leonidas’ granddaughter is now the owner.

Mignon describes San Agustin del Callo as “a corridor of the volcanoes near Indigenous Villages and local Markets.”  

The Hacienda

San Agustín de Callo’s historical past is reflected in its architecture. There is a fusion of the Inca palace, Spanish Colonial traits and a Republican influence. You will be impressed by the stone walls in the Chapel and the Inca dining room, the beautiful handmade painting technique on the walls of the rooms and bathrooms, and the majestic gardens where sheep, llamas and geese roam about.

An unforgettable stay

When you first arrive at the hotel, you will be warmly greeted with a cup of Canelazo. Canelazo is a typical drink, served with or without alcohol, and its meant to warm you up in the cold weather. As you walk around, you will be fascinated by the stones and the interior of the hacienda. In the main patio, you will possibly encounter llamas…don’t be afraid! They are very friendly and tame, you can even feed them carrots and take pictures them!

Next you’ll be escorted to your room. Each room in the Hacienda has a name and a personality of its own! Our favorites are the ones surrounding the interior patio, equipped with fireplaces, soft and warm bed covers, and the most beautiful bathrooms. Surrounded by the meticulous and delicate art of the walls, green plants, and homey colors, you can fill up your bath and take a relaxing moment for yourself.

San Agustín de Callo will also spoil you! At night, you can find hot water pillows on top of your bed to heat up if it gets cold.


Besides the breathtaking view of Cotopaxi, and the comfort and coziness of the Hacienda, San Agustín de Callo offers exquisite cuisine. Cooks prepare the food as a ritual, taking organic products from the vegetable garden (which you can see in the back of the house) and using local products such as milk and cheese. You can taste their passion and knowledge of traditional Ecuadorian cuisine in their fresh and savory dishes. One of our favorite parts during our stay was breakfast! We were served all types of breads, marmalades, fresh juice, yogurt, granola, fruit, coffee and eggs of your choice. However, dinner in the Incan dining room was an unparalleled experience: candles and enormous stones make up the walls of this extraordinary setting!

If you’re planning a day trip to Cotopaxi, don’t hesitate to stop for lunch! (arrange in advance)


As for activity, the Hacienda offers transportation to nearby parks including the main attraction in the area: the Cotopaxi National Park. If you want to enjoy a day in the Hacienda instead, you can go horseback riding in the vicinity or take cooking classes and learn how to make locro or aji. The cooking lesson includes harvesting from the vegetable garden!

This Hacienda is unequivocally a vestige of history, traditions and the collective work of generations, accompanied by the feel of a traditional hacienda.


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