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Sumaco Napo Galeras National Park

In the year 2000, UNESCO declared the Sumaco Napo Galeras a “Biosphere Reserve.” Located In the Northern Amazon, the extensive territory of the reserve covers mountain ranges, tropical rainforests and foggy cloud forests. These biodiverse ecosystems are formed on the slopes surrounding Sumaco volcano, the only volcano located entirely in the Amazon.

Did you know? Sumaco Volcano has yet another fantastic attribute: it is the source of important rivers and streams in the region, such as the Payamino, Hollin, Pucuno, Suno, etc.

Main attractions:

Sumaco Volcano

A trail goes up to crater Wawa Sumaco, standing at 2,500m above sea level. Visit the waterfalls surrounding the area, where you can enjoy contact with nature and take a bath in vitalizing fresh water pools.

Quijos River

The Quijos River is famous for rafting! There is even an annual Rafting Competition held in Quijos, based on the city of El Chaco.

**The seemingly inhospitable properties of the territory surrounding Sumaco have served as a barrier that restricted human settlement in the area.. However, there are plenty of community based tours in the surrounding cities of Santa Rosa, Archidona, Tena, Baeza, Cosanga and El Chaco.

These communities have strong bonds with the reserve, as a source of biodiversity and mystery. The Archidona group in particular, have a beautiful relationship to the Galeras mountains, which are considered to be sacred. Pacto Sumaco is said to be named after the volcano, in a deal with mother nature, to protect its inhabitants and grant them an amicable and peaceful space to live.

What to do:

Bike rides: Cycling is a great way to explore the reserve while engaging on some adventure training.

Mountain Climbing: Mountain climbers love the reserve because there are plenty of rock walls to climb, with beautiful landscapes awaiting at the top.

Trekking: Explore the cloud forest while you trek through unexplored paths and some established trails.

Camping: Camping in an area with such rugged wilderness is an otherworldly experience.

Rafting: The Quijos River is famous for rafting, its whitewater properties makes it fun to navigate and appreciate the surroundings.

Photography: Take your camera wherever you go, all of the green, paired with exotic plants and stunning mountains are worth a shot!


Flora: Copal, cedar trees, palm, chonta, porotillo, Colorado.

Mammals: Pumas, jaguars, sloths, tapir, tigrillos and cabezas de mate.

How to get there?

From Quito: Take Papallacta-Baeza-Tena highway until km 24, the Narupa Area. Continue on Hollin-Loreto route until Wawa Sumaco. From there, make your way to Pacto Sumaco where the park entrance is located.



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