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Surfing Mompiche

Mompiche, with its exuberant beaches, great waves and warm waters, might just be our favorite surfing destination at the moment.

Not only do locals and visitors have a welcoming surfer culture that invites you to ride waves and live the surfing experience, but the wind and water conditions make it a great place to surf regardless of your skill level. A natural barrier of rocks leaves a great wind free zone where surfers spend their days catching waves.

Surfing Paradise 

Beginner surfers will be taking the waves closer to the shore, as rock formations have separated them from the bigger waves out back, where the pros have claimed their space and showcase their talents riding the big ones.

If you have a board and know how to surf, then you can just go ahead and enjoy the waves with no fees. However, if you are looking to rent a surfboard or a longboard, there are around 4 surfing schools that will not only rent the boards for $25.00 but include the surfing lessons. Some places will rent boards for $15.00, if you’re not interested in the lessons.  

Tip: If you’re a beginner, we recommend that you hire surfing lessons. Locals already know the area, and know where and when to surf. They can not only teach you how to stand on the board, but how to study the ocean and find the perfect conditions for surfing at your level. 

Ideal Beach Getaway 

Besides being surfing paradise, the abundant vegetation of Mompiche compliments the wide beaches with a green background and this setting, is the ideal place for a beach getaway.  If you truly want a break, and days devoted to the beach and the ocean, you’ll be excited to learn that Mompiche’s climate is good all year long with the exception of April (it can get rainy!). 

However, if you just want to surf, you should check the condition of the tides, because the ocean can get pretty calm and flat. The best months for big waves are December through March- be prepared for high tides and strong waves!

Remember: When visiting Mompiche, consider that almost every transaction here will be cash only, so take out money for the whole weekend in advance. But once you’re there, surf, disconnect and indulge in the freshest seafood!

Visit nearby: Playa Negra and Portete are beautiful beaches, close enough to visit via mototaxi. 

How to get there?

Mompiche is located 400km away from Quito in the Spondylus Route. You can either take a plane to Esmeraldas (30 min, there are 2 daily flights) and then take a taxi or van for 2 hours until you reach Mompiche, or take a bus (there are 2 daily buses), which takes approximately 9 hours. If you have a car, or decide to rent a car, you can get to Mompiche in 7 to 8 hours following Troncal del Pacífico.



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