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Local dishes from Latacunga: Allullas, champus and more

If you’ve decided to visit Latacunga, be prepared to live 5 unforgettable experiences. Nothing you’ve been told before makes justice to the surprises that await in this most welcoming city. The activities that your friends enjoyed, the stories they told, the pictures they showed you, the memories they took with them and shared with you… they will all fall short to the experience. Because Latacunga’s natural and cultural diversity is indescribable and can only remain intact in the memory of the visitor.

El Año Nuevo en Ecuador: ¡Tradiciones ecuatorianas que dan la bienvenida al nuevo año!

Con el nuevo año acercándose, prepárese para vivirlo a la manera ecuatoriana.  Las siguientes son tradiciones que se celebran para cerrar el año y dar la bienvenida al siguiente. El