The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador


Southern Andes: The land of ancestral trails and unexplored ecological reserves

As you head down the Panamericana road, you will find lower elevations and warmer drier climates. The Southern Andes region has a lonely, faraway feel to it, reinforced by its sparse population, scarcity of large towns and long stretches of wild. 

Our favorite sweets from Corpus Christi

Regardless of their similar basic ingredients, every sweet has a different taste and feel.    Here are some of our faves: Pucañahui Arepa: A corn tortilla with a sort of

Corpus Christi en Cuenca

¡El Corpus Christi es indudablemente una de las más importantes y antiguas manifestaciones religiosas en Cuenca! A pesar de que sus orígenes un poco inciertas, se cree que estas manifestaciones