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What is the Carnival of Guaranda?

Have you ever heard of carnival in Guaranda?   Every year Guaranda celebrates carnival with masks, guitars, dancing, poetry, costumes, streamers, water, and more…  It is the most important festivity in the province!  Despite

The Huequitas of Riobamba

Text: The Municipal GAD of Riobamba.    Riobamba, the astonishing Sultan of the Andes, is a city of historic, architectonic, and traditional riches. However, one of the activities you will

La Diablada de Píllaro: A peculiar tradition every year.

Past midday on January 1st through 6th, thousands of devils with colorful, elaborate masks jump around shouting and groaning all the way from the surroundings of Píllaro to the city’s central park,

Masks a Local New Year´s Tradition

New Years celebrations are festive days in our country! People from every age and background participate in a celebration known as “The Party of the Innocents” since the 19th century.

Pase del Niño: Un ícono cultural en Riobamba

Texto: Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Riobamba. Los Pases del Niño forman parte de la memoria colectiva de  Riobamba y al ser una tradición expresada durante décadas de generación en generación, se

Pase del Niño: A cultural icon in Riobamba

Text: The Municipal GAD of Riobamba. The commemoration of “El Pase del Niño” or “The Passing of the Child” in Riobamba is part of its collective memory. This tradition, expressed during decades and passed on from generation to generation has become unique and irreplaceable.   With the declaration of El Pase del Niño has Intangible Cultural Heritage of the canton, we are the

Day of the dead Riobamba

Text: The Municipal GAD of Riobamba. Day of the dead is a celebration of the Catholic faith that takes place on November 2nd, to pray for, and commemorate, those who