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Temporary Exhibition: Cabinet Pre-Columbian Humboldt

The Pre-Columbian Art Museum Casa del Alabado is pleased to invite you to “Cabinet: Pre-Columbian Humboldt” which will open on August 9 and remain open to the public until December 5, 2019.  

As part of the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt’s birth, we joined forces with the San Francisco de Quito University to present a recreation of the study of the famous German scientist with emphasis on documents, illustrations and objects linked to Ecuador’s pre-Columbian past. 

The cabinet highlights references, both from the cabinets of curiosities and from the study rooms of intellectuals and enlightened people of the beginning of the 19th century, since these spaces allowed the emergence of new visions about nature, science and documentation. From this starting point, we created a small immersive environment that seeks to expose diverse images produced by Humboldt around archaeology, botany and ethnography linked to the exploration of the American territory. 

We will share the scientist’s gaze around questions of the ancient world that he found exciting. Engravings and maps of Inca ruins, topographic maps including archaeological sites and views of indigenous technologies such as commerce and rafting will be on display. These documents will be combined with archaeological artifacts, geological and natural history collections. 

This temporary cabinet is posible with the collaboration of Arturo Vinueza, Natalia Zurita, the Herbarium and Library of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Dr. José Alberto Gómez de la Torre Serrano, Familia Ordoñez Álvarez, Archivo Histórico del Ministerio de Cultura de Ecuador, Familia Barragán and the antiques shop Tesoros de Hoy.  

Place: Casa del Alabado Museum 

Address: Cuenca N1-41 and Bolívar, Quito – Ecuador 

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