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Temporary Exhibition: El tejido hablado

The Pre-Columbian Art Museum Casa del Alabado is pleased to invite you to the temporary exhibition “El tejido hablado (The spoken cloth) by Tamar Guimarães, which will be on view until 31 December 2019.  

 El tejido hablado is the fifth chapter of the research and exhibition programme Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo since its beginning in 2016, and follows contributions by Asier MendizabalOsías Yanov, Adrián Balseca and Caroline AchaintreGuimarães’s work explores issues related to art, architecture and its forms of expression, the institutions that present them and the social configurations on which these rest. Most of her recent projects are films in which she works with professional and non- professional actors, and in which fictional elements are combined with documentary aspects, frequently connected to states of rapture.   

In “El tejido hablado the artist shifts languages without abandoning her interests and methodologies. The work is an installation with a 20 by 0.7 metre cloth at its centre, running through the temporary exhibition space and supported by geometric structures. Manufactured by the woven fabric design studio Dash + Miller, the cloth is the result of conversations the artist and one of the curators had during months on how to approach the museum’s archaeological artefacts, and about what we may in fact know about them. The conversations materialized in a piece of fabric that documents the process, and whose pattern is based on the graphic presentation of the sound of fragments from one of the many conversations. The notion of altered state of consciousness and trance speech is recurrent in Guimarães’s work, who, in search of a different way of speaking about the pre-Columbian works, proposed the use of a psychoactive as an extraordinary interlocutor.  

Tamar Guimarães is a visual artist born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work has been exhibited in places like Madrid, London, Brisbane, São Paulo, Venice, Sharjah, Malmö and Gwangju.  

The Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo project, organized by Manuela Moscoso, Manuela Ribadeneira and Pablo Lafuente, explores the pre-Columbian art collection of the Casa del Alabado from the perspective of art and contemporary cultural production. The project’s impulse is to create new forms and connections that might allow for relations with these cultural materials, partial connections between the objects and the practice of the guest artists, responding with new constructions to the fascination these objects cause. The invitation is speculative: it doesn’t intend to generate answers, it doesn’t imagine correct approaches. It just looks to react from new perspectives to a history that is long, delicate and with very few certainties.  

El tejido hablado was generously supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Brazil’s Embassy in Quito. The works is presented by courtesy of the artist, Dan Gunn, London, and Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo. 

Place: Casa del Alabado Museum 

Address: Cuenca N1-41 & Bolívar 

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