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The charm of Plaza Lagos

Plaza Lagos is considered to be full of magic thanks to its modern architecture adorned and surrounded by lakes, a variety of restaurants, galleries and spas, exclusive shops and services such as pharmacies and ATMs. 

The accessibility of the complex, paired with the exclusivity that the ambiance brings, attracts local and international tourists who are looking for a good time away from the noise and the stress of the city.   

Plaza Lagos has become a place to share memorable moments, gastronomic experiences and / or indulging in a relaxing escape. 

Bon Appetit

Food lovers know Plaza Lagos. Probably because 19 of the best restaurants in Guayaquil are located within the complex. Plaza Lagos presents a wide cosmopolitan variety that ranges from Italian cuisine, to Mexican, Spanish, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, French, American, to coffee shops for all tastes. The concentration of the finest gastronomic offerings speaks for itself.  

Culture & Relax

Activities in Plaza Lagos are designed for all ages. Every week there are exhibitions and artistic shows, special tributes featuring singers of different genres, where jazz and “chill” music prevail.  

The kids also have their space to play on the island! Besides the spaces and activities planned out for kids, one of the main attractions for them are the water fountains around the plaza- they create a spectacular visual effect. 

The Vision of fashion icon Gustavo Moscoso

Ecuadorian designer Gustavo Moscoso, renown internationally, has an exclusive store in Plaza Lagos. His designs, which have proudly represented the country in runways such as New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, evoke class and the imminent return to the tailor shop to dress well- using fashion as a tool to express the sentiments of the moment. 

Gustavo Moscoso had the privilege to be chosen by Disney as the only representative in Latin América to commemorate the 100 years of Mickey Mouse by creating Disney by Gustavo Moscoso clothing. 

He admires Gianni Versace, GianFranco Ferre, Valentino, and Giorgio Armani and is inspired by Coco Chanel, whom he considers to be an extraordinary woman who has liberated femininity through clothing.  

Gustavo is an atypical and eclectic designer who doesn’t follow established patterns. His inspiration is drawn from an internal search that is born from the deepest corners of his soul. “I am inspired by beautiful things, when I take a walk and the sky is blue, when I’m told a positive story, of struggle and success” he adds with a smile.  

He tells us that today the range of possibilities in terms of men’s fashion hasbecome wider, with a greater openness to wear new clothes where sand and white are important colors and soggier silhouettes are the trend of the moment. 

For the iconic designer, fashion is a matter of attitude and security, of being wise when picking you clothes, depending of the event or the place where you’re going. Clothes are important for invitations because it is a way to honor the host and being well dressed is key to looking -and feeling- great. 

Martalía’s Exclusive Jewelry  

Martalía is an exclusive jewelry design icon in Ecuador. Their use of natural materials exalt artisanal labor in Ecuador, along with environmental consciousness.  

Clients come looking for distinctive pieces, more than following a trend, they want to express their individuality. Martalía has been working on unique jewels for 7 years now! 

The inspiration of their original designs is drawn from nature; its shapes, rhythm, colors, and beauty. Their pieces are perfectly imperfect, and the classiness and history behind them prevail through time, comments Veronica Salomon, the owner. 


Plaza Lagos will never disappoint when looking for entertainment, great food, shopping, and overall exclusivity and good taste. 


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