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The Huequitas of Riobamba

Text: The Municipal GAD of Riobamba. 


Riobamba, the astonishing Sultan of the Andes, is a city of historic, architectonic, and traditional riches. However, one of the activities you will mostly enjoy during your visit is the tasting of its diverse traditional gastronomy, a true pleasure of taste and authentic aromas. Rural traditions have fused with new culinary tendencies with time resulting in a colorful popular gastronomy which we can fully appreciate in  Huequitas Riobambeñas, which have claimed their space and have been recognized for being ideal sites for eating and sharing.  

To be  part of the history of Riobamba you have to visit the Huequitas, ask about their history, from their very creation to their contribution in rescuing our typical dishes. Just reading or hearing the name of traditional dishes brings countless sensations.. surely at this same moment many of us are reminded of our favorite Huecas and are planning our next visit.  

In the city, contact tour operators who can guide you and present options, within the varied huecas, that satisfy your likes, budget, and curiosities. In addition, you can complement your visit with a tour to Chimborazo, the highest point on Earth, or a visit to the churches, monuments of faith and tradition, located in the historical heritage nucleus of Riobamba.  

If you’d like to visit huecas or try local delicacies on your own, we suggest hornado, chochos ceviche, tortillas with Caucara, broth of the 31st, yaguarlocro, fritada, cascaritas “manguera” or “hose” broth, morcilla, morochos, salty juices, or the famous “rompe nuca” juices from the Mariano Borja Market, empanadas, tripas, potatoes in Parque Barriga, and colaciones. Among others! 


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