The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

An intro to the Cañaris

Pre Inca cultures such as the Cañaris had interesting worldviews that attributed aspects of their race and culture to nature and mysticism.  Fantastic events were attributed to tell the story

10 spots for camping this summer

Camping is the perfect way to enjoy Ecuador’s most pristine nature to the fullest. There are plenty of spots for adventurous nature lovers! These are the top 10 spots we

Giant Manta Rays

Giant mantas are fabulous creatures… and from July to early October, these migrating species make their journey to Ecuadorian waters. Giant manta rays visit the Ecuadorian coastline to feed on plankton that accumulates near the shores during this time, after being dragged by the Humboldt current and deposited in the north of Peru and the south of Ecuador.    There are two species of mantas that you can spot; the Reef Manta Ray (Manta Alfredi), the Giant Mantas (Manta Birostris) are exceptional: they are

Pacari recibe 22 nuevos premios

Texto: Pacari Pacari fue reconocida por su calidad e innovación en la Ronda de las Américas del prestigioso certamenInternational Chocolate Awards. La marca ecuatoriana recibió 22 galardones: 5 de oro, 9 de

“100 Años Oswaldo Guayasamin”

Texto: Fundación Guayasamin. La Fundación Guayasamin celebra este año el centenario del natalicio del Maestro Oswaldo Guayasamin “Pintor de Iberoamérica”; en torno a este acontecimiento, instituciones públicas y privadas tanto

Canoa: A Paragliding Destination

If you want to experience flying for the first time, or even if you’ve done it on quite a few occasions, we’ve got a plan for you! Canoa beach, in

July 2019 · Events in Guayaquil

Plan out your July in Guayaquil with our calendar, an agenda with the best things to do, including picks from theater, art and music concerts. —————- JULY 25 · 494

July 2019 – Events in Quito

Plan out your July in Quito with our calendar, an agenda with the best things to do, including picks from theater, art and music concerts.

Yunguilla to Maquipucuna: trekking through biodiverse valleys and ancestral trails

Yunguilla and Maquipucuna, belonging to the Metropolitan District of Quito, are located within the Andean Choco Region – which was recently proclaimed a World’s Biosphere Reserve! Besides its natural wonders,

Humpback Whales: Dancers of the sea

The Ecuadorian coasts get festive during whale watching season. Every year between June and October, hundreds of humpback whales migrate from the Arctic to the tropical waters of Ecuador and