The Most Complete Guide of Ecuador

Top 10 dishes to try at the Ecuadorian Coast

1. Ceviche

Ceviche is probably the most renown dish of the Ecuadorian Coast. And it’s no surprise why… this traditional recipe combines fish/shrimp/langostino/clams/octopus (you can have only one of these seafood options or you can combine them) with a lemon and orange based sauce, tomato, and coriander.

The most popular combo is fish  + shrimp but there are some faithful mixed ceviche lovers who love to combine everything!  Pair ceviche with patacones, chifles (green plantain chips) and popcorn!

2. Bolón de Verde (Green plantain breakfast):

Green Plantain balls with cheese inside! Sounds weird? Try them out and you’ll have a new breakfast favorite. The melted cheese inside is combined with the nutritious flavor of green plantain, and this is topped with a fried egg. Accompanied by coffee, breakfast is ready!

PS: There are some variations to the traditional bolon that come with chicharron or even garlic shrimp!

3. Camarones Apanados (Breaded Shrimp):

Breaded shrimp is crispy, crunchy and simply tasty! Shrimp come with rice, patacones and sometimes menestra (menestra, made with lentils, is sooo good). It’ simple, but it’s a classic! Top it with some freshly squeezed lemon.

4. Langosta (Lobster):

Nothing compares to fresh lobster! And the restaurants lined on the Ecuadorian Coast serve a lobster that is hard to match. You can try it in a soup or accompanied with rice and patacones (or maduro) and believe us,  the taste is just hearty and full of flavor!

5. Corviche (Green plantain empanada like bites with shrimp/fish):

Corviches, with their elongated shape and delicious crunchy taste, are a must when visiting the Ecuadorian Coast! Unlike green plantain empanadas, they have a characteristic shape and are filled with shrimp or fish and then deep-fried for the perfect finish!

6. Encocado (Shrimp or fish cooked in coconut sauce:

Just writing about encocado makes our mouths water… it has everything you’d want in a dish! It combines the soft texture of freshly cooked fish (or shrimp) dipped in and cooked with a coconut sauce and placed on top of a bed of rice. Go ahead, drip the extra sauce on top of the rice and just enjoy… Best paired with: Patacones.

7. Tigrillo:

Green plantain again? Yup! And we must insist. Tigrillo translates to “little tiger” but don’t worry, no tigers are included in the making of this traditional breakfast. Just green plantain, mixed with cheese and eggs. Different than the bolon, it is not deep-fried but cooked in a pan with butter, mozzarella (or a lighter cheese such as Manaba cheese) and a bit of onion.

8. Viche de pescado (fish soup):

Of course we had to include a soup! Especially when it’s made with fish, yuca, ripe banana, peanut, choclo,  onion, coriander and garlic! Its exquisite flavor is perfectly stirred into a soup with a wholesome consistency.

This soup is especially good in the province of Manabi!

9. Langostino al ajillo (prawns dipped in garlic):

Prawns, garlic, lemon, parsley and butter. Need we say more?

 Of course, it comes with patacones, rice and often a small garden salad.

10. Conchitas Asadas (roasted clams):

This is a great platter to share! Several black clams are roasted/broiled until open and topped with fresh lime juice. Dip your patacones in the dripping sauce for a flavorful bite.

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