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Top 10 Adventures along the Ecuadorian Coast

From scuba diving to camping in a uninhabited island the Ecuadorian coast has everything to offer! We have created this route especially for you, the adventurers! Below is a guide to the top adventures you’ll find when you make your way across the Ecuadorian Coast.

We recommend that you depart from Quito. Our first activity is whale watching and the perfect destination is Sua (5h30 min away)!

Whale Watching in Súa

Ever seen whales? Súa gives you the opportunity to experience humpback whales up close in their natural environment! Right on the beach you can hire a boat that will take you 20-25 minutes out to sea, where you can observe these majestic creatures jump and swim through the Ecuadorian Coast. All during the months of July and August.

From Súa we recommend you make your way to Mompiche Beach (1h 20 min away).

Camping in Isla Júpiter

In Mompiche, you can hire a boat to take you to Isla Júpiter (Jupiter Island) off the coast.

Isla Júpiter in Mompiche is a pristine island where you will find red crabs, pelicans, and green blue waters. This uninhabited island is also one of our favorite camping spots!  Explore animal life on the island and enjoy the serenity of being alone with nature.

You can hire the boats that take you to the island to bring whatever fresh food you want to eat during your overnight stay.

At night you can play with the vibrant plankton that accumulates on the shore.  If you are lucky, you can even see dolphins on your way to paradise!

Don’t forget to bring a tent and camping equipment. Hire the boats to bring food from the mainland and let nature be your host!

From Mompiche make your way to Cojimíes (2h 5 min away).

Fishing in Cojimíes

Besides from its splendid beaches, Cojimíes is known for great fishing! If you like to go fishing,  there’s the option to visit the estuary where, surrounded by mangroves, you can fish Sea Bass. If you are looking for a little more adrenaline, you will also have the chance to go out to sea where you can find bigger fish such as the Wahoo!

When you get to Cojimíes you can hire fishing tours that include transfer from the hotel to boarding point, a boat, life vests, bait, fish hooks, a fishing guide, snacks, and water.

The next destination is Bahía beach (2h 15 min away) where we recommend Isla Corazón off the coast.

Kayaking in Isla Corazón

From Bahía you can hire a boat that takes you to Isla Corazón (Heart Island) and rent kayaks for the tour. On the kayaks you can venture through mangroves that grow in this heart-shaped island.

Inside Isla Corazón you can take a tour through the eco route that was created by the community for visitors to explore the island.  From different species of mangroves to the animal life that surrounds them, you will be amazed by the exuberance of this destination!


Cycling in Bahía

Don’t forget to explore the city by bike! In Bahía you can also hire a bike tour that will take you through different viewpoints, markets and galleries between Los Caras Bridge, the city of Bahía and San Vicente. Pedal around and enjoy the marvellous view of the estuary, the murals that were painted after the earthquake in 2016, urban art galleries and a very entertaining pier.

Interesting fact: Los Caras Bridge is the longest bridge in Ecuador!

From Bahía make your way to Santa Marianita (1h 30 min away).


Kitesurfing in Santa Marianita

Santa Marianita (aka Playa Bonita) is kitesurf paradise! Visit this extensive beach where various operators offer kitesurfing camps and excellent accommodations. Playa Bonita is the ideal space to learn how to kitesurf because you can hire classes for every level of expertise.

 If you already know how to kite, you can rent the gear and experience incredible winds! You’ll surely run into kiters that come here every year to enjoy the windy season.

The next destination is Puerto López (1h 35 min away).

Scuba Diving in Isla de la Plata

Did you know that humpback whales and giant manta rays migrate to Ecuadorian waters during the months of july through september?

Isla de la Plata off the coast of Puerto López you can dive with these majestic creatures! Get your diving licence in Quito or before you come to Ecuador and live an unforgettable experience.

If you already have it, what are you waiting for?!

Montañita (50 min away) is up next!

Surfing in Montañita

Welcome to surfers’ paradise! It is actually considered one of the surfing capitals in South America.

Here you will encounter perfect waves, wonderful beaches and a lively town. This destination is known for its friendly people that love hosting and entertaining the many international tourists.

Enjoy the sun, surf, good vibes and a vibrant nightlife in this world renowned destination.

After your Montañita adventure make your way to San Pedro (30 min away).


Paragliding in San Pedro

Located in the Santa Elena Province, this is the destination for paragliding.

Enjoy a 15 minute flight admiring the spectacular view and contemplating the world from the sky!

You can hire operators that normally offer two modalities: solo paragliding or tandem paragliding.

Up next is San Pablo, our final destination (30 min away).



Rappelling in San Pablo

Feel the adrenaline of Rappelling!

Rappel uses a secure rope system to descend from cliffs. In the San Pablo Comune inside the Province of Santa Elena, discover a route that descends a 100 meters from the “Cerro de Pacoa” viewpoint.

Don’t hesitate in giving it a try! The guides in San Pablo are certified, so you’ll be in good hands to enjoy this experience.




Finishing the tour:

From San Pablo we recommend you visit Salinas Beach (35 min away).

From Salinas the city of Guayaquil (2h) has an airport with local flights for your return to Quito. If you’re making this your final destination, check out the international flight connections from Guayaquil.

We hope you have a thrilling experience and live the Ecuadorian coast to the fullest!

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