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Want to go kayaking? Try Baeza, Baños and Tena

Ecuador is the country for adventure, and if your favorite activity is kayaking then Baeza, Tena and Baños are the places to visit. 

From Quito you can take a cab or a bus (from Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe)  to each of these destinations where you will find whitewater rivers which are perfect for experts and intermediates. Tena, being the furthest away, is only 5 hours away from the capital.

Don’t worry if someone from your group is not experienced, these places have lots of other activities to offer -varying in difficulty.

2.5 hours away from the capital, Baeza is a small mountain town with nice hostels and a misty weather, where you will feel comfortable and meet friendly people. There are hostels specifically for kayakers who will have no trouble mobilizing their equipment and can find a pickup truck cab to take them anywhere they need to go.

However, if you are looking for somewhere with more movement, 4 hours away from the capital Baños is the place to be. Kayaking tours are available in the hundreds of adventure operators you will find in town. These operators have been working for many years, so be sure that your experience will be safe and your equipment will be adequate. After a day in these whitewater rivers with beautiful views, you will have a buzzing town to explore, filled with delicious food, entertaining bars, hot springs, spas and even dancing.

Deeper into the Amazon, 5 hours away from Quito, Tena is a small city with varied options for food, cultural activities and nightlife. The weather in Tena is hot since you will be surrounded by exuberant, green jungles. The rapid waters will be a thrilling adventure and the jungle environment will completely add up to the experience.

We have had the chance to visit these places and we recommend that if you have the time, you combine these places of similar river qualities and completely different feels. The distances between them are short and travelling from one place to another is very simple because there are bus stops near the hostels. If you want more information or can’t find the correct one, don’t hesitate on asking the locals, who are very welcoming of tourists and will help you find what you need.

Besides from the long whitewater rivers, thrilling fun, extraordinary scenery, breathtaking landscapes and warm weather, Ecuador’s adventures are a mix of social and natural environments that blend in the most embracing and inviting way.

Below are the distances and prices to every destination departing from Quito:


Baeza (2 – 2.5hr by bus, 1.30 in a cab)


· Bus fare ranging from $4 – $8

· Cab fare ranging from $60 – $75


Baños (3.5 – 4hr by bus, 3.20 in a cab)


· Bus fare ranging from $4- $5

· Cab fare ranging from $90 – $110


Tena (5hr by bus, 4 in a cab)


· Bus fare ranging from $8- $10

· Cab fare ranging from $100 – $140

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