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Why you should visit Baños on your next trip to Ecuador

“The gate to the Ecuadorian Amazonia”

Nestled between the volcano and the rain forest, the town of Baños is probably the most charming tourist destination in this province.

It is located at the foot of the Tungurahua active volcano (16,500 ft). The town of Baños is a favorite spot for national and international tourists because of its pleasant sub tropical climate, its extraordinary landscapes, spa resorts, adventure and a very welcoming community.

For years, Baños has been the place where Ecuadorians make pilgrimages to honor “Our Lady of the Holy Water”.

 The walls of the Basilica are covered with paintings depicting miracles that are credited to this Virgin.

 However, besides its historical and religious value, this town offers an experience full of adventure for young tourists. There are many hostels at affordable prices and adventure companies spread throughout the town offer activities such as: canopying, rafting, bungee, etc.

From El Vuelo del Condor you can soar in the air with the view of Tungurahua, hanging from a swing that is 60m high. You can bungee from a bridge that is right in town or you can take a bus, approximately 45 minutes towards the jungle, and go rafting. You can also walk within the paths of Pailon del Diablo and get to a majestic waterfall. 


Feel the adrenaline of rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, bungee jumping, canopying and biking! Venture through mountains in exuberant routes, all at the same place. When you get to Baños you will find Tourism Companies on every corner, where you will be offered hundreds of activities and adventures (some activities are only 15 minutes away from town!). These tourism companies are prepared with good quality equipment and guides who will make sure you are safe and have a great Baños Experience!



Baños is a place with warm weather (18 0C — 22 0C) where tourists can breathe Amazonic airs mixed with winds that come from the Andes. At your feet you will find volcanic mineral springs transformed into hot baths; a dozen SPAs that offer a variety of relaxing therapies; and paths with viewpoints in peaceful and revitalizing settings. You can take long walks through trails where you will be surrounded by amazing flora and fauna.  Baños is one of the most complete tourist destinations and a sanctuary of spiritual peregrination for thousands of people seeking peace, miracles and retreat.


Samari Spa

Luna Run Tun



Time always runs short in this charming city. With so much to do in only a few days, most of the visitors keep coming back, or even end up living here. We can’t get enough of the horseback riding activities, the famous “chiva” rides, the artisanal shopping, the meandering rivers, the treehouse swing on top of the mountain and the entertaining bars lined up the street!


The tourist that comes to Baños is protected by the sacred spirits of Volcán Tungurahua, surrounded by more than 60 waterfalls that complement the beauty of 2 National Parks (Sangay and Llanganates), and near 160 endemic species.

Visitors are always amazed by the colorful mountains and the abundance of  water flowing in hundreds of rivers.

Life is short… don’t postpone your visit to Baños!

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