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The first edition of This is Ecuador was published in September 1968. When this project started my motivation was the need to demonstrate the tourism potential of this country, because I had traveled all around and discovered along the way, that Ecuador has everything you could ever want. On our 50th anniversary, we are proud of having witnessed and participated in an important tourism growth in our country, that has allowed millions of people to enjoy the natural and cultural wonders of Ecuador.
As I took back to the first edition of This is Ecuador, the boost of tourism in the country is evident. Many leading lodging companies have invested in our country, colonial houses and haciendas have been refurbished to host visitors; first class restaurants have opened in the main cities, and everyday there are more cultural activities and buzzing entertainment. We are shifting our potential and resources into products and experiences with suitable services for even the most demanding tourists a glance through our magazine is a demonstration of this. Our vision is not only to promote tourism in Ecuador, but also present the best services available for visitors.
Because innovation goes hand in hand with tourism, we are now proud to have a digital platform with it's own features and readers.
Tourism is about communication and the digital magazine is another means of communicating the beauty and wonders of Ecuador worldwide. At the same time, our paper edition continues to be a free service for the visitor; a guide that once in your hands, will give you the information you need and will make you want to explore more of this amazing, biodiverse country.

Gustavo Vallejo P,

Latest Covers


Carolina Vallejo, Ecuadorian artist and daughter of Gustavo is the talent behind This is Ecuador's covers. Every month, inspired by the colors of our country and based on upcoming events, Carolina presents a new design for our magazine.