Loja is a small and quiet city in Southern Ecuador, known as the capital of culture. Art, music and entertainment are what makes this city so charismatic. As you walk down the streets, you will be surrounded by striking colonial architecture, multiple cultural centers and museums, and music coming from small cafes.

Loja has streets, plazas, churches and monasteries from colonial times, such as The Cathedral and the churches of Santo Domingo, San Francisco and San Sebastian. The plazas, surrounded by these ancient buildings, host many artistic performances where you can enjoy every type of music.

Two rivers cross through Loja: the Malacatos and Zamora, which give a unique personality to the city. Walk along the pedestrian walkways that follow the riverside and encounter the friendliest locals, who are very proud of their city and will happily show you around.

Loja's surroundings valleys, with their temperate climates, organic markets and small towns are famous retirement destinations!

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